Kim Evoy, MA, RCC - Registered Clinical Counsellor, Marriage and Couples Therapist
“Understanding is a fountain of
life to those who have it.”
~ Ancient Proverb ~


After the Affair - What To Do Next

Bringing Back the Lustre in Couple Talk

Discuss It!

Fighting Fairly Using and Responding to Your Partner's Repair Attempts

Forgiving After the Affair

Got a Hot Topic - Try the Couple's Conference

Myths of Second Marriages

Sharing Feelings by Texting!

Talking About Feelings - A Risky Business

The Couple's Council - Learning to Schedule Those Hot Topics

The Double Thermometer - A Powerful Conversational Technique

The Empathy Conversation - Walking in Your Partner's Shoes

Turning Toward Your Partner Makes All the Difference

Comforting Yourself and Your Partner During Disagreements

Communicating with Your Partner in Stormy Times

Cordial Manners: The Soft Start-up for Couples Conflicts

Depression, Stress, and Marriage

Empathy: The KEY to Conflict Resolution Between Couples

Friendship in Marriage

Honouring Your Spouse's Dreams

Talk, Your Partner Is Listening!